Kundli Future Predictions Customized Solutions
  We expertise in making Kundli (horoscope). We use the most ancient algorithms through advanced software to achieve accurate calculations. The Kundli that is prepared by us, takes into consideration all important points and planetary allocations and can thereby be used for predictions of the future.
On the basis of our accurate Kundli and the current positions of stars and planets we can calculate and accurately predict the future of a person's life. This coupled with effective methods that are suggested by us can be used to improve the future to the benefit of the subject

Our Kundli Centre is a well-reputed centre to get your Kundli. We are highly experienced and have successfully helped thousands of people from Kundli Dosh (defects).

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Dear Alokji,

1. Whenever I used to feel disheartened or dejected, your words guided me and gave me courage and hope. I did the Graha Shanti measures advised by you with total faith and religious fervour. You have also written that these remedies are to be changed or moderated depending on the ongoing dasha. Thank you from the bottom of my heart once again!

Sarojini Aggarwal MLC (Meerut)


2. Given, the benefits i have reaped ever since i have started following Alokji and which are so intense and so many, that I can keep writing on him. I "Very Strongly" recommend Alokji to anyone who is looking for solutions, a clear path to their problems, who are tired of going to many astrologers/pundits and yet are unable to see the solutions to their problems, who have spent so much money on making trips to astrologers/pundits but haven't seen as many results.....who now just wants answers.

Thanks & Best Regards J.P. Gaur (J.P. Group)


3. Thank you so much for your readings. I will keep your advice in mind and try to act accordingly. Once again I want to repeat that you have something special about your persona which has a very soothing effect on a person and your words kind and gentle on a troubled soul. Thank you for helping. Yours in gratitude...

Kind regards Mahesh Gupta (IAS)


4. We take an opportunity to share our experiences with Predictions of Shri. Alok Sharma. We got chance on couple of occasions and were deeply impressed with his knowledge and his predictions. The authority with which he gives his verdicts adds to the confidence. His knowledge is tremendous and we were benefitted a lot with his predictions, advice and corrected measures he suggested.

Best Regards, Deep Chand P.C.S-A.D.M Meerut


5. Dear Mr. Alok Sharma, I am impressed by your knowledge and accuracy of astrology. My experience with his predictions is beyond any words can explain. All the predictions have been very accurate & the way Mr. Alok Sharma provides the in depth & in-detail analysis has been really helpful to me & my family.

ManojJha Editor (DainikJagran) Meerut


6. We have been relying on his knowledge for many years now. And would like to add that his dedication towards finding the best solution; has been always at its best. Moreover he is truly a generous person at heart & always thinking of what is good for the humanity. We respect him for his work and he is a true person to know.

Regards SadhnaGoswami (SP. Rampur)


7. Dear Alokji I thank you, as always, for your invaluable guidance. It has always inspired me and given me the courage to move on irrespective of the obstacles I face. The reports never seem to be from someone who is just doing his job, but your words have a very personal touch, that's why your words always inspire and give me inner strength. I thank you with all my heart and will surely try my best to achieve the goals which you strongly believe I can.

Thanks &Best Regards Dr. Pradeep Gupta, New Delhi


8. Today my entire family, my in-laws and my close friends are his strong believers. We find his guidance and advice "the 1st step" before taking any big/medium decisions of our lives. The 3 things he does better than any other astrologer, i had earlier gone to, before i made Alokji my "permanent advisor" are:- 1. His eye for detail when he reads someone's horoscope 2. His education and knowledge in astrology and horoscope reading 3. His practicality in giving solutions to one's problem - he gives multiple options so that the subject can decide what's easiest.

Regards, Dayanand Gupta Businessman (Meerut)


9. I was looking for some specific astrological advice and one of my best friends who has known Mr. Alok Sharma for years, introduced me to him. Mr. Sharma was very kind to see me over the weekend. I generally do not believe in anything or anyone unless I have tested them. Mr. Sharma took one look at my horoscope and laid out my entire life history in front of me. I was and am completely won over by his competence and honest nature. He advised and guided me as per my queries and gave further helpful tips for the future. Now I consult him regularly. If you are looking for honest and accurate advice, Mr. Sharma is the person to contact.

Thank you. R.K. Tyagi Businessman(London)


10. I am very impressed by his knowledge and accuracy of astrology. My experience with his predictions is beyond any words can explain. All the predictions given by him were so accurate that you can pre-plan your events, to come out of any trouble you are facing. My complete family relies on his predictions & follows the path shown by him. I take an opportunity to thank him for his great astro advises to my entire family. The loving lord has blessed him with great capacity of making one's life better with his predictions, so come let's make it even better.

Best Regards R.K. Tyagi. Chief Engineer (Jhansi)


11. Sir, it is good to know that now your consultation will be available online for the people. let me inform u that when i was under tremendous mental stress,its only ur guidance which helped me to cope better with the situation. Astrology has the power to create magic in peoples life,all u need is a right person to guide u through, and let me tell u that u are the right person for any kind of astrological consultation,to sail through the hardships .

Abhishek Sharma Chief Bureau IBN 7.


12. Many thanks for your reply and guidance on the 3 questions asked by me. When I sent my first mail to you last month, and your subsequent reply, I must say you are the only person who could reveal my past cent percent correctly.

Rajesh Lakhanpal, Businessman (Mumbai)


13. I would like to first thank you for all the advice and insight you have given me all these days, all your advice have proved so true to me. Your advices have helped me a lot; I cannot explain in words how grateful I am. …….

V.K. Gupta IPS (Lucknow)


14. I would like to first thank you for all the advice and insight you have given me all these days, all your advice have proved so true to me. Your advices have helped me a lot; I cannot explain in words how grateful I am. …….The past two consultations I had from you proved to be very beneficial, especially the remedial measures suggested by you. I really want to thank you for your genuine services. ……

Best Regards, Rohit Jain JainaJwellers (Meerut)

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