About Alok Ji

Alok ji is a renowned astrologer. He has been in this field for more than 25 years and understands the stars and what they speak, more than anyone else. Alokji’s prediction, on the basis of his study of  Kundli, has benefitted many. His clients are Common Man, Politicians, Bollywood Stars, Diplomats, Senior Bureaucrats, Industrialists, Media Personnel and many more from different walks of life.

Alok ji has dedicated his life in the service of mankind by helping people in predicting their future by studying their Kundli. He also recommends simple remedies which every one of us can apply.  He also prescribes gems as required.

His endearing ways of resolving the most intricate situations with ease and helping you with his apt counseling in times of need makes him the most sought after astrologer of our times more so because of his ability to delve deeply and dig out minute details from the Kundli His clarity of thought and simple ways of putting, the intricacies of astrology along with colour therapy, across to his clients makes him unique in this field

"Life is a constant learning school and the planetary placements at the time of your birth reveal your current 'standing' in the cycle of evolution. This amazing report deciphers the cosmic messages spoken only for you through your 'Birth Chart'. Destiny is 'pre framed' but not 'pre written'....and hence 'you' yourself are the author. Faster a man learns (wisdom)...quicker his misfortunes 'dissolve'. Write to me for a consultation on your Personality, Career, Health, Relationships and Finances, Life Longevity, Remedial measures and more...."
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