Future prediction:

The Powerful Future Predictive Aspect of Vedic Astrology attracts us. Without a system of prediction, the future looks like chaos against which we can only throw the force of our will, or else just surrender to whatever comes our way. With some accurate predictions, we are enabled to live our lives more skillfully. It’s like having A Road Map for your life journey. Is the road coming up going to be bumpy or smooth? Or, when will the present bad conditions end? How can I do better in Relationships? When will I meet my Soul Mate? When will my Finances improve? Will this Business Partnership succeed? A look into the future can provide some useful information.

Sometimes called Muhurat is the Vedic astrological equivalent of Western Electional astrology. It is the inverse of a Natal Chart in that from the Birth Chart we see the future of the person or event, but with a Muhurta we choose an auspicious time for an important life event (marriage, starting a business, etc.) so that it has a beneficial outcome.
Jyotish Gem Guidance:

The Vedic world view recognizes that Gems have powers and are related to each planet. And, that according to your Birth Chart (Kundli) configuration a Jyotish Gem may be compatible with you and be a positive addition to your life.
"Life is a constant learning school and the planetary placements at the time of your birth reveal your current 'standing' in the cycle of evolution. This amazing report deciphers the cosmic messages spoken only for you through your 'Birth Chart'. Destiny is 'pre framed' but not 'pre written'....and hence 'you' yourself are the author. Faster a man learns (wisdom)...quicker his misfortunes 'dissolve'. Write to me for a consultation on your Personality, Career, Health, Relationships and Finances, Life Longevity, Remedial measures and more...."
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